SORRY, but there are rules and pricing

Each account must be held by one person only, and each person may hold only one account at auctio-your. We are trying to ensure that, with our registration fee for each user.


  • User accounts are non-transferable.
  • We do not charge any success fee. So as long as you guys get along, we do not have anything against offers submitted out the PM system on our site.
  • Be careful with outside links, especially some vulgar, obscene, copyrights etc.... We are all grown ups, so you know what we mean.
  • We do not allow links to similar sites were auctions are held, templates sold and so on.
  • Users should take due care and perform due diligence when on either side of a transaction.
  • All users should diligently monitor listings they are interested in; we do not delivery any mails (exept when an auction is closed)
  • If you get kicked out by us, do not expect a refund of any monies paid.


  • Comments should generally be helpful, factual and use neutral language.
  • Accusations of fraud or theft must be dealt with through our Customer Support and not through public comments on the auction, we will be strict on that policy. So all, be nice.


  • By submitting a listing, you grant us a permanent, irrevocable and unrestricted license to store and display the details of your listing.
  • By submitting a listing, you agree to our TOS.
  • The seller must have the right and good faith intention to sell the item listed.
  • The seller is obliged to sell to the user who made the winning bid or offer.
  • A user making a winning bid or offer is obliged to buy for the amount of the winning bid or offer.
  • The seller must provide full details of the item for sale, and must not intentionally hide information from public view.
  • Any claims of revenue or traffic in a listing must be supported by evidence. Any claims to potential revenue or traffic in a listing must clearly marked as such and be accompanied by robust workings and assumptions.
  • There are different ways to establish revenues online. Get together through the PM system. Agree to a time and have a look through team viewer or so, what the facts are. We do not allow any attachments to the listing.
  • Items may be offered for sale through any other channel whilst the subject of an auction with us. But make sure you keep a close eye on reserve price etc. and close the listing on any other site, after you passed the reserve on one of them.
  • Domain names sold must include the ability to transfer the domain name to another registrar also must have a landing page. Even if it is just and index.html page with no content. You will need to verify the domain name through file upload.
  • Subdomains may not be sold as in this case there is no ownership which can be transferred.
  • Listings breaching any guideline may be corrected, suspended or removed by us without refund of any monies paid.
  • Listing text is copyright of the seller and as such unauthorised copies are forbidden.
  • Claims regarding the Site Established date refer to the most recent point in time that the website, in its current form, went live.
  • If the site was ever offline for more than 14 days, was previously redirecting, or if the site switched to a different niche, then the Site Established date must be taken from this more recent point in time.
  • Changes in monetization method or underlying technology do not necessarily mean a new Site Established date.
  • If the site was established on a different URL in the last 12 months, the original Site Established date can only be used when the original URL is included in the sale.
  • Email customer/subscriber addresses can only be sold with a website where the email address was provided by the address holder specifically for the site being sold. Email address lists not directly attributed to the site for sale cannot be sold.


  • The listing do not have a time limitation. Thought the seller has to pay each months a listing fee and/if apllicable additional featured fees and so on. The payment is handle by Paypal subscription. If a subscription is not paid, the listing will be removed.
  • A reserve price must be set, and the reserve must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid price.
  • The reserve price may not be made public by any means.
  • The reserve price may not be changed once it has been met.
  • A Buy It Now price, must be equal to or greater than the reserve price.
  • Both the Buy It Now price and the reserve price may be lowered, but neither may be changed to an amount lower than the highest accepted bid.
  • The listing will publicly display whether or not the reserve price has been reached by an accepted bid.
  • The seller can accept an offer lower than the reserve price at any time and so close the auction.
  • An auction is completed once it has ended and all bids made in the last 72 hours have either been accepted or rejected.
  • If there are bids greater than or equal to the reserve price, the highest accepted bid is the winning bid.
  • The auction price must be paid within 72 hours of close of the auction.

Bids and Offers

  • Bids and offers are anonymous to everyone except the seller.
  • Making a bid or offer agrees that you may be the winning bidder, and that if so you should contact the seller.
  • Sellers may not bid or offer on their own listing, either on their own behalf or through an intermediary.
  • Users may not reveal to other users who placed a bid or offer, whether via PM or public comment or any other way.
  • Bids or offers without are automatically accepted, exept the seller rejected the offer.


  • Bids are legally binding and irrevocable until a higher bid is accepted, at which time the previous highest bid expires.
  • Bids may not be withdrawn by the bidder.
  • All bids are automatically accepted, exept the seller rejected the bid.
  • Buy It Now bids without a response within 72 hours will be automatically rejected.
  • Buy It Now bids may only be placed if the BIN price has not yet been matched.
  • When a Buy It Now bid is placed, no other bids may be placed until that bid is accepted or rejected.
  • Acceptance of a Buy It Now bid means the user who placed that bid is the winner, and the auction is won.

Now a bit of advertisement, so that you do not get too bored!!! And that we can finance this site without charging success fees


  • Offers less than the minimum offer will not be accepted by the system.
  • Offers may be retracted at any point before they are accepted by the seller.
  • Offers are legally binding and irrevocable once accepted by the seller.


  • Listing fees will not be refunded in any case. Feel free to try the legal system for that... :-D


  • Each member/user pays a one up registration fee of US$ 5.00.
  • Listing fees are set at US$ 5.00 per 30 days. Additional featured fees are listed in the "add listing" form
  • At present we just offer a featured fee of US$ 5.00 per month. Thought there are more possibilities in the script for us to charge (bold, highlighted and so on) BUT then we would be like Flippa.

So join us now. Registration fee is just US$ 5.00 !

After successful payment you will be redirected to the sign-up process.