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1.     The blog has relevant articles written by the experts in the field, discussing and explaining the subject from every possible angle to provide wealth of information to train and guide the visitors.

2.     Selected products from Amazon and ClickBank with reviews accessible within the website and blog to the visitor to help select the products.

3.     Since visual content and guides are more popular now a days, there are selected videos by researchers and experts on the topic to help the visitors seeking valuable information and guide quicker than ever.

Revenue Details

How You Can Make Money With This Site

If the new site owner is looking to monetize the site then there are many ways to do it. I want to describe the most popular ones and tell you how much you can earn.

Monetization Idea #1 - Post Selling

Traffic Details

We have not installed any tracking tool.

How to Improve Site Traffic

  1. Organic Search - the site is getting over 70% of it's current traffic from organic search. It wouldn't take much since the site is trusted to get even more by producing more content and building more relevant connections with other industry sites.
  2. Social Media - Facebook fans are constantly growing and along with other social media channels can provide steady traffic to new posts and old posts. Plus, you can use social media to generate lots of new fans and much bigger following. The Facebook site is not included in this sale, as we post from different website on this fan page. But you can further use this fan page to post your articles.
  3. Email Marketing - with so much traffic it would be easy to setup an email capture form or pop-up to start building a massive email list of targeted users. Then you can get them connected to you on social media so that you can leverage their sharing. It's also great for monetization.
  4. Referrals - the site has lots of great content and getting other sites to link to this website from relevant forums, websites and comments is an easy way to generate new traffic to the site and forum.

With marketing the blog we are just scratching the surface and you and I both know it. Since nothing is being done you can see that it wouldn't take much to get even more happening on the site.


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