About us

We are a team of web designer and programmer based all over Europe. We are selling our own designs and websites for a couple of years now. This site was developed, in the sheer desperate need for a place where one is not getting ripped of!!!

Looking at development on auction sites in the last few years, we realized now that the customer service and fees of the well known sites are just ridiculous.

Looking at Flippa, we actually worked with them in like 50 successful transactions. BUT, not just the lack of interest from the support center there for sellers problems (only the seller pays fees there), the unbelievable laziness to implement a one up registration fee, to recognize potential fraudulent buyers, or the criteria how "Super Seller Signs" are given away to well known groups of sellers, which have perfected massive scamming schemes. Their incompetence to detect shill bidding etc.....

We finished around 50 transactions on Flippa and our accountant added all the listing fees and commission fees we paid to them. The company got over 40% of our received funds!!!

We will try to make sure that this site runs with both BUYERS and SELLERS protection and to identify fraudulent activities.

We hope you enjoy the site, maybe it has it's problems being a startup, but we'll work hard on many improvements within time. We are happy to receive critics or suggestionsby mail or the PM system on our auctions and listings, were you can find us as user "Support".

Lucky bidding